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Ancient Aion Rules
How to play/How to connect.
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Ancient Aion: Server Rules

All the Server and Forum rules.
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Ancient Aion Rules

In order to have a better gameplay experience, Players must follow these rules.

If for any reason one of these rules are broken by any Player, its account will suffer determined consequences.

Chat rules:
(LFG, Region Channel, Class Channel, Whisper, Open Word Channel)

- The only permitted Language in all of the above Channels (Whisper excluded) is English.
If for any reason the Player* refuses to follow this rule, his character will be chat banned for a determined time.

- Insulting other Players* on the all of the above Chat Channels is extremely prohibited.
If for any reason a Player* uses all of the Above Chat Channels to insult other players, its Character shall be Chat Banned for a determined time.

- Spamming on All of the Above Chat Channels is also not permitted.
If a Player* Spams or is Spammed with any kind of content, his character will be chat banned for a determined time.

Make sure to report abusive behaviour in the "Player Reports" Forum Category.


Game rules:

Character Items:
- Asking the staff for any kind of Item is prohibited. It may only be accepted if the Item is necessary to either, complete a certain* and necessary* quest.
If the asked Item is necessary to the gameplay and is not located in any of the drop loot tables, then the Player* must Create a Thread in the "Suggestions" forum requesting for the Item to be Added to the drop loot.

- The Ancient Aion staff is not responsable for any loss of items by either, Sendlog, Crafting Mistake or Purchase Mistake.
Requesting a lost item in any of the conditions above, won't bring the item back.

Players Behaviour:
- Character Names with explicit reference to any religious, sexual, political or racist topic, are not permitted.
Created characters with reference to the topics above will be immediately deleted.

- Cheating/Exploiting won't be tolerated by any means.
If a Player* is caught Cheating/Exploiting either by the staff or reported by a Player* with trustful evidence, its Account will be permanentely Disabled followed by an IP Ban for all of its existing accounts or new created accounts.

- Abyss Points Trading is not permitted.
If a Player* is reported/caught Trading Abyss Points to his own benefit, all of its Character Abyss Points will be Deleted, followed by a complete Delete of the Character from the Abyss Ranks.

- Spreading false rumours about upcoming updates, backtage staff's work or anything else related to the Ancient Aion staff is extremely prohibited.
If a Player* is caught in these circumstances, its character will be Chat Banned for a determined time.

- Public/Private Advertising of other* servers* is extremely prohibited.
If a Player* is caught advertising for third parties, his account will be permanently Banned.

For any of the above situations , Players* should report with trustful evidence at the Forum Category "Player Reports" either with Screenshots or Videos.

- Upon Entering an Event, the Player* acknowledges to follow all the Event Rules applied by the Event Hoster.
If the Player* refuses to follow the Event Hoster instructions, his Character will be immediately kicked out from the determined Event, and refused to Join again.

- In some Events the Player* may* be able to choose it's prize depending on the Event Hoster rules/instructions.
If the Player* refuses/delays the prize reward, its character reward will be denied by the Event Hoster.

Player reports:

- All Cheating/Exploiting/Abyss Points Trading cases must be reported in the forum at the "Player Reports" Category with trustful evidence, either with Screenshots or Videos.

- Reporting a Player to the staff by PM is not allowed.

- Players caught trying to mislead the staff into punishing someone with false proof will be punished themselves.


- Faction changes are not permitted.
If a Player* is unhappy with their current faction, he will need to create a new character in the new desired Faction.

- All the Players* suggestions should be posted in the "Suggestions" category in the forum.
Whispered Suggestions won't be accepted.

- The staff members may help a Player* with informations about Game mechanics/Npc's information/Drop Information, but they are not walking encyclopedias.
Players who have general questions about: Game Mechanics/Game Lore/UI functionality/NPC's functionality etc... should either ask for help in the LFG Channel/Legion Mates/Friends or use Google and Aion Database.

By Logging on Ancient Aion you agree to accept and follow these rules.
These rules can be modified at any time by any circumstance.