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Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:24 pm

Starting today 24/09/2017 until 24/10/2017 we will be hosting a video event in which players will be able to upload either a PVP Video or PVE and upload it to youtube while sharing on forum "Arts Section".

This Event is supposed to help Ancient Aion to increase it's population while rewarding current loyal players.
If you are one of the loyal Ancient Aion players and want to help the server grown bigger, we appreciate that you join this Event.

The players who upload the videos will be rewarded with:

- 200 Toll each Video.
- A New* Mount of Choice.
- Stormwing Pet Egg (30 days)
(1 Video Only Rewards)

The players who upload more than 5 videos will get an extra:

- 500 Toll
- Two New* Wings of choice.
- A Fully PVP Geared Character

The rules are simple.

Upload your video to Youtube with the title "Aion 3.0 - (Your title)"
Also add in the description "Ancient Aion 3.0" and "www.ancientaion.com".

You must upload all of your videos in the "Arts Section"

The Rewards are given daily depending on each video upload.

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